Can Vitamins Really Benefit Senior Citizens?

Can Vitamins Really Benefit Senior Citizens?

Yes. Vitamins play a key role especially in your old age asyour body tends to lose its efficiency. Elderly require vitamins to enhancetheir metabolic system which becomes weaker with age. Also, vitamins help increasethe resistance of your body towards viral infection and other disorders. Get quotes at for 2020 supplement plans.

For instance, vitamin K is found to be in low amounts inpatients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Seniors especially need to make sure theyfollow a diet that’s rich in Vitamins C, D, E, zinc, calcium, & vitamin B.Vitamins help eliminate harmful free radicals from your body by boosting thevolume of antioxidants.  The health problems among seniors can be different as compared to those in the younger population. Seniors require foods that stimulate their digestive tract, boost energy levels, increase the functioning of brain cells, and promote vision.

How to pick the best vitamins for senior citizens?

1. Make sure you choose the supplement that’s manufactured at a GMP registered facility. Supplements which claim to offer the required nutrients aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and hence frauds are likely to happen with a few of such pills. In fact, studies have revealed that almost 20 percent of these supplements do not contain ingredients which they mention of the label!

2. Make sure the supplement company holds a COA or the Certificate of Analysis on the file so that customers are able to review it and confirm the effectiveness of the ingredients present inside it.

3. Consider vitamin pills which come with an enteric coating. The coating can make sure the pill or the tablet is safe while inside the stomach so that it does not get eliminated by various acids present in the stomach. The coating also helps preserve the nutrients until they reach the upper part of your intestine where they’re then released into your blood cells.

4. If you are considering vitamins with herbal compounds, make sure they contain standardized extracts of various herbs. The extract is likely to contain the active elements which make the herb beneficial for seniors.

Are multivitamin supplements covered by Medicare?

No. Neither Medicare nor Medicare supplement plans cover multivitamin supplements unless they’re considered to be essential by your physician as the part of the therapy or treatment procedure you’re undergoing.

Causes & Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Elderly

Causes & Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Elderly

How does your heart change with age?

Aging results in various changes in your blood vessels &heart. However, it is important to note that, most issues — such as hardeningof arteries or heart problems — may arise because of other factors instead ofsimply aging. These may include:



High cholesterol or blood pressure

A sedentary lifestyle

Unhealthy eating habits

A few additional factors — such as being a woman above the age of 55 or a man above the age of 45 might also increase the odds of a heart attack.

Heart Attacks: Causes & Symptoms

Most heart attacks result due to blockages to at least oneof coronary arteries. The arteries play a vital role in bringing oxygen &blood to your heart, and more often than not blockages may be caused due toblood clots.  Many symptoms of a heart attack might not be as obvious. The truth is, most individuals who have a heart attack may experience permanent damage to their heart since they do not get assistance at the right time. Besides, the symptoms of heart attacks may vary from one individual to another. Some folks may hardly show any symptoms of the disease.

Nonetheless, it is necessary that you know some of the mostcommon symptoms of a heart attack that you need to watch out for:  Pain in the chest area or a feeling of discomfort which doesn’t diminish or occurs frequently while you’re engaged in a particular activity or rest (you may feel squeezing, pressure, pain or fullness, or feeling of heartburn or indigestion).

Discomfort in upper body regions such as the back, arms, stomach, neck, and jaw.

Difficulty in breathing.

Vomiting or nausea

Lightheadedness, dizziness or feeling tired without any specific reason.

Fatigue or loss of energy

In case you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above,dial 911 right away. Also, avoid driving to the hospital on your own.  Understanding the symptoms as well as risks associated with heart attacks can assist you in getting the essential care at the right time. Also, it can be a wise idea to undergo regular checkups & make healthy changes in your lifestyle to minimize the odds of a heart disease.

About Medicare Supplement Plans:  A supplemental coverage might pay a part or entire Part A aswell as Part B coinsurance and deductible. A few of these plans could even comewith annual limitations on the enrollee’s out-of-pocket expenditures. Visit to get a 2020 supplement plan quote.

Raw Detox Diet for Elderly: An Introduction

Raw Detox Diet for Elderly: An Introduction

A detox diet allows you to get rid of the harmful toxinsfrom processed & cooked foods. A raw food diet also contains plenty ofantioxidants which help in the prevention of deadly diseases like cancerbesides slowing the natural process of aging.  Seniors are likely to suffer from chronic illnesses mainly because of reduced organ functioning which affects their digestive tract, metabolism, and other major activities. In fact, around 80% of individuals above the age of 65 may experience one or more illnesses with chronic nature.

There’s no better way to obtain the right nutrients than viadetox diet. Also, you won’t need to be concerned about feeling hungry while onthis diet since there’s no restriction on how much you can eat.  Most individuals find it difficult to change their eating habits, however incorporating only 25% more natural veggies and fruits in your daily diet routine can be a good start. Raw foods can be a major source of nutrients which are hard to get in cooked or processed foods. You must also drink plenty of water on a daily basis to stay hydrated.

Fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds, as well as legumes,  can be perfect as raw foods. Also, you can find lots of recipes online which can assist you in making delicious dishes. A raw food diet can naturally minimize the consumption of calories which you eat daily while increasing the total amount of nutrients in the body.

Drinking a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of plain water each day can help eliminated toxic substances from your body. Dehydration may reduce your blood pressure levels substantially making you feel dizzy or light-headed; at times, you might even pass out. Also, there’s a possibility of organ failure if the condition stays untreated for a longer duration. Your urine must be very light yellow or clear indicating you’re drinking sufficient amount of water.

Another great thing about this particular diet is that thereis little to no cooking involved. You can add a variety of raw foods in yourregular diet at your own pace.  Lastly, you want to consult with your physician before starting any of such diets. He/she may be able to offer you the best advice taking into consideration your health requirements and fitness levels.

Medigap Plans:

Also recognized as Medicare supplement plans, Medigap plans as suggested by their name can offer assistance in covering the gaps within Traditional Medicare (Part A and Part B). When you’re enrolled in both Medicare as well as Medigap plans, each of these will pay their respective share in order to help you minimize your final costs on various healthcare services.

Common Anxiety Disorders Seniors Must Be Aware Of

Common Anxiety Disorders Seniors Must Be Aware Of

In seniors, anxiety can be two times aslikely as dementia, and almost 4 to 8 times as likely as depression. Sinceanxiety might result in a negative impact on one’s life, it is essential toaddress the issue.  Studies suggest that anxiety problems in seniors can be very challenging to diagnose. Previously, experts believed the cases of anxiety issues reduced as individuals aged, however it was found that this may be because senior citizens report limited psychiatric symptoms, concentrating more on the ones that seem more physical in nature. Today, anxiety is considered among the most widely occurring disorders both in young as well as older adults.

GAD otherwise known as generalized anxiety disorder is common among senior adults, according to researchers. GAD may be triggered due to a traumatic event, possibly a fall or even acute illness. When the symptoms of GAD are mild or moderate, individuals may continue to perform normally in social surroundings. However, if the symptoms turn severe, carrying out basic day to day tasks might prove daunting.

Seniors with GAD may often be concernedabout their well-being, family problems, financial issues, etc.  They find it tough to concentrate, to relax, to fall asleep, and may also face a number of physical problems like chest pain, fatigue, muscle ache or strain, headaches, etc.

Phobias, on contrary, may appear to bemore specific: symptoms may include intense feeling about certain things which,in fact, pose no threat. Common phobias include the ones associated withtunnels, birds, spiders, height, water, etc.  Another type of anxiety disorder iscalled OCD or obsessive-compulsive-disorder. Individuals with this disorder mayexperience obsessive thoughts in regards to upsetting situations. Many times,they may perform a particular ritual such as touching an object they feel’safe’, and other similar stuff which does not seem normal. Visit to find a supplement plan for the upcoming year.

About Supplemental Coverage:

Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans are additional coverage options which are typically offered by private insurance carriers. Seniors looking for healthcare plans that can further reduce additional expenses that are not a part of their Medicare policy might want to consider these type of plans. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you take assistance from an experienced insurance broker and let them know your exact requirements. This way, you’ll be able to draw maximum benefits from your selected Medigap plan.

Worried About Having Enough Money For Retirement?

Worried About Having Enough Money For Retirement?

“Am I going to have enough fundsto live comfortably for the rest of my life?” This is an important question thatmany pose today. If you are worried and concerned, andyou stay awake at night and worry because you do not have enough money in yourbank account to retire. What can you do differently? You can do some things before youretire, or even after retirement, from your 40-year plan to take advantage ofthese ever-changing golden years.  Let me help you by suggesting startingpoints.

Social security is a key decisionwhich Americans take as they approach retirement, and as the right age can playa significant role on lifelong performance and the overall security of Americanpensions. Social security plays a key role in the pension income of manypeople. Do you know when to start using your benefits to maximize your long-term income?

Science has been fantastic and we livelonger. Can you conveniently afford the payment for your health for the remainingpart of your life? Medicare makes payment for only 80%. How about the remaining20 percent of medical expenses? If you are late, can you recover? There are supplements and health insurance plans covering the rest of the bill, but not covered by traditional health insurance. Many companies offer them and they are all different in terms of price.

Are you the one to remain busy? What are you going do with all of your freedom as soon as you find it? This might not be an issue if you have registered or if your income plans are good. But what if you are very calculated to the extent that it is quite challenging to have dinner with the ladies?

Are you in need of extra income? It is a question of money, right? Damn it, but it’s true.

There are many ways to supplement yourincome, both before and after retirement. For almost everyone, there areresources of all kinds! It is just a matter of where your interest lies andwhat your amount of energy and time you have. No matter what stage of your life youare in, whether you’re in your 40s, 50s or older, you need to be aware of someof the possibilities you need to be prepared for everything that’s going on.Rest assured, sleep better at night, you must lead a balanced life. It’s aspecial moment – it’s your golden years. Get answers here   about medicare advantage plans for 2020

To become a member and take out one ofthese Medicare plans, start looking for programs online in your area. You needto make sure that the company that uses your rates in advance and that you havecarefully read the terms and conditions on the website – you do not want to beembarrassed at unexpected costs. It is also important to check the references of the company you are using to ensure that the recruitment process is rigorous when dentists commit to performing the procedures. Make sure you know which treatments are included in your current plan and choose the best for your needs.

Tips for Lowering Your Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs Pt 2

Tips for Lowering Your Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs Pt 2

Mail order is not only practical if you take long-term medications, but mail-order pharmacies can cost much less than retail pharmacies. Many policies that offer mail order pharmacies also offer for this service as free standard shipping.

Check your authorization for Medicare utility

Medicare sometimes provides financial support to low-income Medicare beneficiaries with limited resources. If you qualify for the Medicare Extra Help program, based on a sliding scale, Medicare may pay the full expenses of your drug costs. The National Council on Aging has an online tool to help you determine if you are eligible for additional help and other programs, and to help you apply.

Use tools like the AARP calculator for donut hole

AARP has developed an interactive tool to help you determine how close you are to reaching the insurance gap in Medicare Part D (“uninsured period”). You are in the insure gap once your plan spends $3,750 on prescription drug coverage.

The tool also helps you find equivalent but cheaper alternatives to the medications you have already taken. If cheaper and therapeutically similar drugs are identified, the tool will create a letter to present to your doctor and ask about the pros and cons of the change. Consider joining a policy that provides additional insurance in the gap

While you are insuring the coverage gap for Part D, you are responsible for paying a greater share of the cost of prescription drugs. In the insurance gap in 2018, you will not pay more than 35% of the cost of the brand prescription drug policy and 44% of the generic price. However, some policies provide additional insurance in the gap, which could help you save money if you regularly take many medications. The types of additional insurance may include:

Lower co payments for generic drugs than standard Medicare benefits

Total insurance in the gap (some policies, for example, some employer-sponsored policies do not have insurance gaps)

If you choose a policy that provides additionalinsurance in the gap, you may have to pay a higher monthly premium for thisadditional benefit. If your annual drug costs are not high enough to fill thegap, or if you do not follow the policy’s rules for obtaining this additionalinsurance, such as mail-order pharmacy or generics, you may end up payinghundreds of dollars more in premiums for this feature than you receive in thedrug benefits. If you would like more information about Medicare prescription drug policies, your broker will be happy to answer any questions you may have. To request personalized information by email or make a callback, you can also see the policies near you.

You must continue to pay your premium for Medicare Part B.

The pharmacy network, formulary, and /or provider network may be altered at any time. You will receive a notificationif necessary.  Restrictions, co payments and limitations may apply. Premiums, benefits and/or co payments may change by January 1st of each year.

Make Travelling your Priority after your Retirement

Make Travelling your Priority after your Retirement

For those retirees who have been working to all theirlives, you will agree with me that being employed means remaining within thatarea where your work is based. Man of us have failed to travel even outside oursmall states just because our work doesn’t allow us to do so. It is after yourretirement that you need to major in travelling. There are a number of thingsyou need to do when you have attained the age of 65 and have retired. The firstthings to do is come up with a list of places you want to travel to. This is alist that will help you plan for your travel. Consider a 2019 humana medicare advantage plan to cover you while you travel.

What will you achieve by travelling frequently?

Sitting back at home and watching your favorite channel might not be good for your health. In that case, you need to keep yourself busy by travelling a lot. For example, man Italian retirees are known to travel to Africa a lot and you can also do this yourself. You can actually travel to Nester Island, Seychelles and other parts that you have been dying to visit after your retirement. Travelling comes with a number of advantages both for mental and physical wellbeing.

Travelling help you pass time

The worst thing that a retiree can resent is boredom. It very easy to get bored after you have retired basically you actually have the whole time in front of you. If you don’t know what to do with your time, then boredom will be your companion. In order to avoid boredom, you need to travel a lot and don’t travel just because someone has forced you to do but keep visiting various places for fun to discover what lies beyond the horizons.

Travelling is a way to enhance a constant change of environment

For retired people, travelling frequently helps you change environments frequently. Whenever you change environment, there are high chances that you will be happy and feel relaxed. Being relaxed is very important during your retirement basically because it reduces the risks associated with stroke and other heart related disorders. If you want to keep stroke away, make sure that you travel a lot. In fact, you need to have a list of place you want to go. It might be on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis depending on your financial abilities.

Best Personal Hygiene Products for Elderly

Best Personal Hygiene Products for Elderly

When you reach acertain age, it gets more and more troublesome for you to take care ofyourself. In order to assist you with personal hygiene, you can find variouspersonal care items available in the market today. Most seniors find suchproducts highly beneficial to them since they don’t feel comfortable askingothers for help. Why not look into the supplement plans at to help buy what you need.

Among the senior hygiene products which you may find beneficial is for your bathroom. At times, it becomes very challenging for senior folks to be able to reach where they want to. There’s a senior care product which can actually hold your bath tissue at the end-point of the long handle making it easily accessible. Also, it can prove useful for senior citizens who are dealing with arthritis and are finding it difficult to hold the items well. A long-handled hair brush is another useful personal care product for seniors which makes it easy for them to reach the parts of their body they can’t reach such as the back.

For seniors who arenot able to take a proper care of their nails, there are certain products whichcan assist them in overcoming the problem. For example,extended reach cutters enable you to cut the toenails without needing to benddown out of their comfort. To take care of your fingers, there’s a table-topcutter which makes it easy for you to steady your clippers.  Lotion applicant is another personal hygiene product for elderly people which makes applying lotion easier. It features a handle with lotion present at the end-part of it. Hence, all you need to do is rub this handle in order to easily apply the lotion on your body.

If you’re unable to bath on your own, there are certain products which can assist. One of these is called the no-rinse bathing wipes. Using these, you are able to easily clean your body without requiring to get into the bathtub. Besides, there’s a sponge on the stick if you can bath but find it difficult to reach certain parts of your body. Thus, you can use the handle to reach almost any part of your body without having to strain too much. Seniors can also find shower basins and shampoo if they are not able to get out of their bed.

About Supplemental Coverage:

A supplemental coverage is offered by private insurance firms which can fill the gaps present in Original Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plans is a popular supplemental policy which helps seniors cover certain out of pocket expenses (co-insurance, co-pays, and deductible). We highly suggest you check them out.

Activities to Reduce the Symptoms of Dementia among Seniors

Activities to Reduce the Symptoms of Dementia among Seniors

1. A Memory Bag

In this, you collect the stuff which could remind you of themost exciting period of your life like your teenage or college years. Simplyfill your bag with pics and mementos which might increase your happiness andstimulate your memory. In case you have a caregiver, you can also ask them tomake a memory book for you that can recall all the cheerful events you hadthroughout your life. Find a quote for plan G at to get a supplement plan and save money.

2. Listen to your favorite music or song

Seniors suffering from dementia might find listening to their favorite music or song to be brain simulating. Family care providers might also help you come up with a playlist that contains all your favorite songs and music you have enjoyed throughout your life. Also, soothing songs are a great way for relaxing your brain from day to day stress.

3. Outdoor Walks

Outdoor walks are a great way to refresh your brain. Exploring various things you see in the natural surroundings can be an amazing experience. Besides, it can help you explore additional interests that may boost your overall mood. Outdoor interactions could also enhance your interaction with other people.

4. Workouts

A daily workout schedule can be ideal in boosting your self-belief and confidence levels. Exercises are available in various forms & you could pick what you think may suit you the best considering your health status and fitness levels. Also, it can be wise to consider taking assistance from your healthcare provider or a fitness coach who specializes in senior training.

5. A visit to a zoo

Believe it or not, watching animals getting fed & playing in the zoo can be a perfect sight for you. Besides, it can cheer you up & make you feel relaxed. Additionally, you can consider taking pictures of the colorful birds in your nearby park to keep yourself engaged.

8. Read your favorite book

Reading your favorite books can provide a calming effect on your mind. Book reading can be an exciting activity for most seniors and it might as well develop a sense of satisfaction within their minds.

MedicareSupplement Plans for Dementia:

Medicare does offer coverage for services or products that are considered essential by your doctor for the treatment of dementia. However, the patient would still be required to cover additional expenses like co-pay, deductible, and co-insurance. Medigap plans are particularly known to cover this gap within Original Medicare.

Who can help you plan your finances?

Who can help you plan your finances?

Financial planning is a skill that requires a lot of wisdom. It however does not require an education in that anyone who is financially responsible can comfortably plan their finances. However, for an older adult, there are certain conditions such as cognitive decline which render the senior adult unfit to make certain decisions and therefore there is need to find person who can help you plan your finances.

The first person that you can have to help you organize your finances is your spouse. Your spouse is the closest and most trusted individual in your life, making him or her best person with whom you can discuss and share your ideas on how best to plan your finances. This is the best option as it makes it possible to even set plans on how to take steps such as investments and also how to ensure that you have enough even for tomorrow.  If you have older children, you can engage them in planning your finances. Children will always stand to protect the interests of their parents and this guarantees that they will give their best efforts and ideas in ensuring that their parents will have financial security so that they will even in turn not have their parents as dependants in future.

Trusted friends are also another group of people who can share in their ideas and help you make better informed financial decisions. By planning your finances with your trusted friends, you do not really have to disclose how much finance you have. The main idea is to get tips on how to secure your finances with the promise of future financial independence.

You can also hire financial advisors or representatives who will stand in your place whenever there is a financial decision required. There are agents who serve as financial advisors and these people will be instrumental in guaranteeing that your finances are informed and wisely spent. They will also help you organize your finances and give warning of prospective dangers to your finances. It is however paramount that you sign up with people who can help you plan your finances once you are sure that they are not only trust worthy, but also legally existing in the sense that the law recognizes them as financial advisors. Financial advisors qualify for this position or role in the economy following years of practice and training in institutions that render them market able for the good of customers such as you.