Best Personal Hygiene Products for Elderly

Best Personal Hygiene Products for Elderly

When you reach acertain age, it gets more and more troublesome for you to take care ofyourself. In order to assist you with personal hygiene, you can find variouspersonal care items available in the market today. Most seniors find suchproducts highly beneficial to them since they don’t feel comfortable askingothers for help. Why not look into the supplement plans at to help buy what you need.

Among the senior hygiene products which you may find beneficial is for your bathroom. At times, it becomes very challenging for senior folks to be able to reach where they want to. There’s a senior care product which can actually hold your bath tissue at the end-point of the long handle making it easily accessible. Also, it can prove useful for senior citizens who are dealing with arthritis and are finding it difficult to hold the items well. A long-handled hair brush is another useful personal care product for seniors which makes it easy for them to reach the parts of their body they can’t reach such as the back.

For seniors who arenot able to take a proper care of their nails, there are certain products whichcan assist them in overcoming the problem. For example,extended reach cutters enable you to cut the toenails without needing to benddown out of their comfort. To take care of your fingers, there’s a table-topcutter which makes it easy for you to steady your clippers.  Lotion applicant is another personal hygiene product for elderly people which makes applying lotion easier. It features a handle with lotion present at the end-part of it. Hence, all you need to do is rub this handle in order to easily apply the lotion on your body.

If you’re unable to bath on your own, there are certain products which can assist. One of these is called the no-rinse bathing wipes. Using these, you are able to easily clean your body without requiring to get into the bathtub. Besides, there’s a sponge on the stick if you can bath but find it difficult to reach certain parts of your body. Thus, you can use the handle to reach almost any part of your body without having to strain too much. Seniors can also find shower basins and shampoo if they are not able to get out of their bed.

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