Can Vitamins Really Benefit Senior Citizens?

Can Vitamins Really Benefit Senior Citizens?

Yes. Vitamins play a key role especially in your old age asyour body tends to lose its efficiency. Elderly require vitamins to enhancetheir metabolic system which becomes weaker with age. Also, vitamins help increasethe resistance of your body towards viral infection and other disorders. Get quotes at for 2020 supplement plans.

For instance, vitamin K is found to be in low amounts inpatients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Seniors especially need to make sure theyfollow a diet that’s rich in Vitamins C, D, E, zinc, calcium, & vitamin B.Vitamins help eliminate harmful free radicals from your body by boosting thevolume of antioxidants.  The health problems among seniors can be different as compared to those in the younger population. Seniors require foods that stimulate their digestive tract, boost energy levels, increase the functioning of brain cells, and promote vision.

How to pick the best vitamins for senior citizens?

1. Make sure you choose the supplement that’s manufactured at a GMP registered facility. Supplements which claim to offer the required nutrients aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and hence frauds are likely to happen with a few of such pills. In fact, studies have revealed that almost 20 percent of these supplements do not contain ingredients which they mention of the label!

2. Make sure the supplement company holds a COA or the Certificate of Analysis on the file so that customers are able to review it and confirm the effectiveness of the ingredients present inside it.

3. Consider vitamin pills which come with an enteric coating. The coating can make sure the pill or the tablet is safe while inside the stomach so that it does not get eliminated by various acids present in the stomach. The coating also helps preserve the nutrients until they reach the upper part of your intestine where they’re then released into your blood cells.

4. If you are considering vitamins with herbal compounds, make sure they contain standardized extracts of various herbs. The extract is likely to contain the active elements which make the herb beneficial for seniors.

Are multivitamin supplements covered by Medicare?

No. Neither Medicare nor Medicare supplement plans cover multivitamin supplements unless they’re considered to be essential by your physician as the part of the therapy or treatment procedure you’re undergoing.