Causes & Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Elderly

Causes & Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Elderly

How does your heart change with age?

Aging results in various changes in your blood vessels &heart. However, it is important to note that, most issues — such as hardeningof arteries or heart problems — may arise because of other factors instead ofsimply aging. These may include:



High cholesterol or blood pressure

A sedentary lifestyle

Unhealthy eating habits

A few additional factors — such as being a woman above the age of 55 or a man above the age of 45 might also increase the odds of a heart attack.

Heart Attacks: Causes & Symptoms

Most heart attacks result due to blockages to at least oneof coronary arteries. The arteries play a vital role in bringing oxygen &blood to your heart, and more often than not blockages may be caused due toblood clots.  Many symptoms of a heart attack might not be as obvious. The truth is, most individuals who have a heart attack may experience permanent damage to their heart since they do not get assistance at the right time. Besides, the symptoms of heart attacks may vary from one individual to another. Some folks may hardly show any symptoms of the disease.

Nonetheless, it is necessary that you know some of the mostcommon symptoms of a heart attack that you need to watch out for:  Pain in the chest area or a feeling of discomfort which doesn’t diminish or occurs frequently while you’re engaged in a particular activity or rest (you may feel squeezing, pressure, pain or fullness, or feeling of heartburn or indigestion).

Discomfort in upper body regions such as the back, arms, stomach, neck, and jaw.

Difficulty in breathing.

Vomiting or nausea

Lightheadedness, dizziness or feeling tired without any specific reason.

Fatigue or loss of energy

In case you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above,dial 911 right away. Also, avoid driving to the hospital on your own.  Understanding the symptoms as well as risks associated with heart attacks can assist you in getting the essential care at the right time. Also, it can be a wise idea to undergo regular checkups & make healthy changes in your lifestyle to minimize the odds of a heart disease.

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