Common Brain Health Myths that Must Be Clarified

Common Brain Health Myths that Must Be Clarified

1. Alzheimer’s disease may skip a generation

Although there may be a genetic angle to the Alzheimer’sdisease, there’s hardly any evidence that the illness may skip a generation.Studies show that there’s no particular gene which leads to the development ofAlzheimer’s disease which is the most common brain disorder that affectselderly population.  Nonetheless, seniors having a particular gene on the chromosome-19 might be at a greater risk. A blood exam may assist you to recognize if you have this particular gene, it’s almost impossible to predict if or not you’ll develop the disorder.

2: Taking supplements is the best way for protecting the health of your brain

At present, you can find supplements on virtually everydisease including loss of memory & decreased cognitive abilities.Supplements such as fish oil, gingko biloba, along with other herbs may help alittle.  However, do you think that adding some extra tablets in yourdaily routine can help you greatly in sharpening your brain?

Researchers say that as of today, no concrete evidence has been found to support the claims that taking supplements & vitamins may do anything for enhancing or protecting your brain health. Among the ones which are currently available, experts say that the only ones which may enhance the cognitive abilities among individuals with dementia are high dosages of vitamin – E. But, excessive dose of this vitamin may prove harmful for people with heart issues. Also, it might increase the probability of prostate cancer.

3: Cognitive health implies nothing but your memory

Although memory may be the most commonly discussed area whenit comes to your brain health, cognitive abilities, in fact, encompassesvarious functions such as the ability to focus, problem-solving skills,decision-making, etc. In addition, it includes how well a person is able tomake as well as control their movements, how they interpret & react to theemotions, etc.  Doing your own research on what’s just a widespread myth and what’s reality might help you identify the areas where you need to focus more. In case you’ve any questions in regards to your cognitive health, consult with your doctor for appropriate advise. 

About Supplement Plans:

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